Pastors Harvey and Lesley Campbell are deeply grateful to God for the spiritually rich heritage they have enjoyed in Durban, South Africa.

The Durban Christian Centre was established in 1979 by two very significant spiritual leaders in the city, Pastors Fred and Nellie Roberts. Harvey has been a part of the Durban Christian Centre since it’s inception and met Lesley as a teenager at the youth group.

The Lord joined the hearts of Harvey and Lesley to this pastoral couple at a tender age and over the next 25 years they would become an integral part of this local church, serving in any and every area their gifts and talents were needed. They enjoyed the privilege of seeing Jesus build a mega city church from humble beginnings.

Pastor Fred and Nellie Roberts had already planted several churches and served faithfully and successfully in a denomination for 21 years. But God had something more and challenged them to step up to the next level of destiny and open what was to become the largest church in the city with a congregation of over 15000 members meeting in 12 services over each weekend.

It was obvious from the start that this was a significant move of the Holy Spirit. Disregarding the unbiblical law of apartheid, people were encouraged to come to the cross of Christ where all are one through His precious blood.

Harvey, 17 years old, and Lesley, 14 years old, joined in the youth activities at a time when there was a great outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit. The youth quickly grew to several hundred teenagers hungry and thirsty for the things of God.

Harvey and Lesley were blessed to enjoy the leadership of the youth pastor, Kim Clement, who God raised up to be one of the most profound prophetic voices in the world today.

Pastors fred and Nellie Roberts were destined to become their spiritual parents guiding them thru courtship into marriage; through bible school and into business and then full time ministry.

Over the years Harvey and Lesley coordinated over 250 events including local and national crusades; fundraising initiatives, concerts by local and international artists and many special projects.

Before receiving the call to full time ministry they enjoyed a decade of great success in business ventures in the printing industry, clothing trade, and real estate. It was during this time that God allowed them to acquire knowledge from the business arena that would be used as a blessing to the church in Durban and later to churches around the world.

Over the years they have developed a deep and personal relationship with Pastors Fred and Nellie Roberts, honoring them as their spiritual Mom and Dad at every available opportunity. Harvey and Lesley place great value on their spiritual heritage and will always consider the Durban Christian Center as their home church.

Following the direction of God they sold their business interests, and served on full time staff for ten years between1994 and 2004. Firstly leading the administration team for 5 years and then as district pastors caring for over 3000 members of the ever growing congregation.

The lord blessed them with exceptional growth in all their areas of influence.

After 25 years of training and preparation at the DCC, God revealed the next level of destiny to them. Being obedient to Him they submitted this to their spiritual Mom and Dad and received their blessing. They began making preparations for the establishment of Making it Matter Ministries.

The Vision God had given them required this project to be established in the United States of America. Moving away from pastors Fred and Nellie, and the family at DCC, will always be a bitter-sweet decision. Whist being necessitated out of obedience to God it was painful due to the immense value they place on relationships and the family of God.

Through this website and any other means, Harvey and Lesley wish to always express their deep appreciation and the never-ending love to Pastors Fred and Nellie Roberts for their spiritual guidance; equipping in the pattern and principles of God’s Word and love shown over the past 29 years.

Pastors fred and Nellie Roberts are true apostles of God who, even in their senior years, continue to lay aside all for the sake of the Gospel and are global witnesses to what a husband and wife can accomplish when their lives and destinies are ordered of the Lord.